Dangerdust are freelancing out of Columbus, Ohio. Even though they are masked we promise they are smiling underneath (and not in a creepy way). Together these hooligans make one heck of a pair. They work effortlessly together and have not hit each other in the eye even once while completing twenty-four chalkboards together. If at chance they happen to get in a fight, they always end it with a hug. 


  • Advertising
  • Illustration
  • Branding & Identity
  • Print
  • Packaging
  • Signage


  • Magazine Covers
  • Book Covers
  • Album Covers
  • Murals
  • Logo Design
  • Hand-Lettering


In their final year of college, they decided to create something beyond their ordinary class work. They were tired of working on assignments and wanted to venture off of the computer. Teaming up they started a series of weekly chalkboard quotes and undertook the alias 'Dangerdust'. The project has since gained national attention including features on Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, Yahoo's and Reddit's Home page. The pair have also gained a sizable following on Instagram and Twitter, no pressure for them. 


Dangerdust began long before it was ever realized. The two met in elementary school, went to the same middle school and high school, but did not become friendly until the end of 12th grade. After discovering they were both going to the same college they decided to pair up and become roommates. For all four years at Columbus College of Art & Design the two helped each other grow. They were brutally honest in their home critiques and stayed in most nights to do homework (and watch TV). Thus began a wonderful friendship.


Dan Dusty is said the more blunt of the two duo. Often calling people out when they are in the wrong Dan has strong opinions. After getting to the softer side of Dan you will start to realize when a dog walks by or a cat is in the window, Dan will whisper to them lovingly. Even though they definitely cannot hear it, Dan pretends they do. 


Dusty Dangero is known for tripping over pebbles and falling up stairs. Besides this occasional clumsiness Dusty is quite graceful and enjoys walking through meadows. Yet, Dust does not understand dressing weather appropriately and will wear whatever the hell is in the closet. Some might say fashionably out of season. 


*Dan Dusty and Dusty Dangero are made up alias to tell the two apart.  


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2014 Columbus ADDY® Awards | AAF District Five Student Gold Addy Award | Non-Traditional Advertising Campaign 
2013 Columbus ADDY® Awards | Student Gold Addy Award | Non-Traditional Advertising Campaign 
2013 Columbus ADDY® Awards | Student Silver Addy Award | Poster, Campaign