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All prints are created in the studio by the artist: approved, printed, trimmed, individually signed, and packaged with care. I take pride in using the highest quality archival paper and inks to produce giclée art prints to last a lifetime. With proper care, giclée prints will retain brilliant colors and detail for up to 100 years in average home conditions. 

Giclée refers to a type of printing using high quality archival inks and archival paper. This process creates precise color and increases longevity.



  • Remove all tape from packaging.

  • Handle the print only by the edges.  The oils from your hands can affect the PH of the paper and reduce the archival qualities.

  • Use two hands to support print, so it will not bend.

  • DO NOT wipe away dust, this can permanently scratch the surface. Instead, gently blow or gently shake off the print.

  • Take out of tube and allow your print to breathe before framing.

  • DO NOT store prints in cardboard materials or tubes for long-term storage, they are not archival. They can be reused or recycled!



  • Keep away from moisture or condensation. The inks are somewhat water resistant, but water can still cause damage.

  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from freshly painted walls, new rugs, and other fumes. These may cause fading or discoloration.


To keep your prints in mint condition it is important to frame with archival* supplies (mattes, back board etc), keep out of direct sunlight and frame with a UV glass. 

First, decide whether or not you want your prints framed without or with a matt. If you do, you will need to get it matted or cut a mat. We recommend getting your prints professionally framed by a local framing store, but here are some perfectly good non-budget-breaking-online framing options:

PRINT SIZE                          FRAME SIZE (without & with matt)

8 x 10  Small Print:................|    8 x 10   |   10 x 13    |  

9 x 13 Small Print:.................|    9 x 13    |   12 x 16    |  

10 x 10 Small Print:...............|  10 x 10    |    14 x 14  |  

13 x 19 Large Print:.............|   13 x 19    |    18 x 24   |  

14 x 14 Large Print:...............|    14 x 14    |   20 x 20  |  

24 x 24 XL Print:..................|   24 x 24    |   32 x 32    |  

24 x 35.5 XL Print:............. |  24 x 35.5   |   27 x 39   |  


* Acid-free supplies help protect against discoloration or fading, and do not attack the paper with harmful gases